Best tyre prices in Harrogate and Knaresborough Guaranteed


Here at MDR Motors, we like to think of ourselves as a friendly and easygoing bunch, the unpretentious, straight-talking types.

It therefore follows that we don’t like to boast. Having said that, when it comes to our tyre offers, we’ll admit we find it hard not to sometimes.

In fact, we don’t really think of statements like ‘We have the best tyre prices in the area!’ as boasting. To us, they’re more statements of fact.


So having cleared that one up, here’s a couple more in the same vein:

     ‘We won’t be beaten on price' and 'We will beat any like-for-like tyre quotation’.

That last one is a particular favourite of ours and we hope you’ll agree after coming to visit us for a new set of boots.

Now for some facts no-one can dispute: we stock all the high-end tyre brands (Dunlop, Bridgestone, Michelin, Pirelli, Continental) as well as those mid-range (including Davanti, on whose products we offer a lifetime guarantee against defects) and also the lower end of the range.

You choose from our range of general tyres, comfort tyres, 4×4 and SUV Tyres, sports and high performance tyres, van tyres and winter tyres.

We also do puncture repairs.

Either a bald or flat tyre represents the worst-case scenario for the majority of motorists and, invariably, they’re flagged up during an MOT or regular service.

Then again, you might spot the tell-tale signs yourself and decide that speedy action is called for.

In which case, why not contact us? Our qualified and experienced group of technicians will be more than happy to help.

For a free quote or advice on MOTs, servicing or the other services we offer, including tyres, contact us on 01423 887161.